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Advanced Calls: Tutorial Animations

ProgramCall Name     <--Click to Sort
Advanced-11 Belles and Beaus
Advanced-12 Cross Trail Thru
Advanced-13 Triple Trade
Advanced-14 Triple Scoot
Advanced-15 Grand Follow Your Neighbor
Advanced-16 Quarter Thru
Advanced-17 Wheel Thru
Advanced-18 Turn and Deal (2-faced lines, lines facing out)
Advanced-19 Pass In
Advanced-110 Chain Reaction (1/4 tag)
Advanced-111 Mix
Advanced-112 Lock It
Advanced-113 Right Roll to a Wave
Advanced-113 Left Roll to a Wave
Advanced-114 Cast a Shadow
Advanced-115 Six-Two Acey-Deucey
Advanced-116 Clover and (Anything)
Advanced-117 Turn and Deal (ocean waves & other lines)
Advanced-118 Quarter In
Advanced-119 Cross Over Circulate (two faced lines)
Advanced-120 Partner Tag
Advanced-121 Partner Hinge
Advanced-122 Horseshoe Turn
Advanced-123 Pass the Sea
Advanced-124 Split Square Thru
Advanced-125 Step and Slide
Advanced-126 Transfer the Column
Advanced-127 Cross Over Circulate (ocean waves)
Advanced-128 Swap Around
Advanced-129 Explode the Line
Advanced-130 As Couples Concept
Advanced-131 Ends Bend
Advanced-132 Pass Out
Advanced-133 Square Chain Thru
Advanced-134 Scoot and Dodge
Advanced-135 Double Star Thru
Advanced-136 Left Wheel Thru
Advanced-137 (Anything) and Cross
Advanced-137 (Named Dancers) Cross
Advanced-138 Half Breed Thru
Advanced-139 Fractional Tops
Advanced-140 Three Quarter Thru
Advanced-141 Triple Star Thru
Advanced-142 Cycle and Wheel
Advanced-143 Grand Quarter Thru
Advanced-144 Grand Three Quarter Thru
Advanced-145 Quarter Out
Advanced-146 Explode and (Anything)
Advanced-147 Pair Off
Advanced-148 Reverse Swap Around
Advanced-149 Cross Clover and (Anything)
Advanced-150 Any Hand Concept
Advanced-21 Single Wheel
Advanced-22 In Roll Circulate
Advanced-23 Slip
Advanced-24 Scoot and Weave
Advanced-25 Box Counter Rotate
Advanced-25 Split Counter Rotate
Advanced-26 Swing
Advanced-27 Trade Circulate (waves only)
Advanced-28 Motivate
Advanced-29 Switch the Wave
Advanced-210 Pass And Roll
Advanced-211 Scoot Chain Thru
Advanced-212 Slide
Advanced-213 Recycle (facing couples)
Advanced-214 Spin the Windmill
Advanced-215 Out Roll Circulate
Advanced-216 Switch to a Diamond (waves only)
Advanced-217 Hourglass Circulate
Advanced-218 Flip the Hourglass
Advanced-219 Cut the Hourglass
Advanced-220 Pass And Roll Your Neighbor
Advanced-221 Trade Circulate (two faced lines)
Advanced-222 Zig-Zag / Zag-Zig
Advanced-223 Checkmate the Column
Advanced-224 Mini-Busy
Advanced-225 Slither
Advanced-226 Trail Off
Advanced-227a Remake
Advanced-227b Grand Remake
Advanced-227c Remake the Thar
Advanced-228 Switch to an Hourglass
Advanced-229 Split / Box Transfer
Advanced-230 Split Square Chain Thru
Advanced-231 Diamond Chain Thru
Advanced-232 Peel and Trail (from completed DPT)
Advanced-233 Peel and Trail (columns only)
Advanced-234 Transfer and (anything)
Advanced-235 All 4 Couples Concept
Advanced-235a All 4 Couples Star Thru
Advanced-235b All 4 Couples Right and Left Thru
Advanced-235c All 4 Couples Chase Right
Advanced-236a All 8 Swing Thru
Advanced-236b All 8 Switch the Wave
Advanced-236c All 8 Walk and Dodge
Advanced-236d All 8 Mix
Challenge-1 Switch the Line